Making your child room more lively

One of the headaches face by parent is the design of their child room.  It should be comfortable whereby the child will find peace and love staying in his/her room.  It should be spacious enough to allow the child play and not limit his creativity.

Below are some wonderful design for your consideration, whereby it is comfortable, and spacious enough to allow your child to study in peace.

bedroom 1





Wonderful Ideas to transform your house

It is great to engage the service of interior designer to make your house one of the most unique and outstanding design that will make your guests go wow……….wowwww……..

Below are some of the wonderful ideas which you can share with your interior design to custom-fix into your unit.  Ideas are great, but you would need still need to engage the professional for the job.  Hopefully, these ideas will help in creating your dream house.


Shoe rack1) Double Door Shoe Rack

This simple idea shoe rack should be able to store all your family members’shoe.  Most shoe racks are shallow for ease of taking and placing shoe.  With double door shoe rack, it is easier to pick your shoes and keeping them.  Good ideas yet take up little space.

Kid room

2)Small Kid Room for Two

Your kids will love their room.  In this simple design, kids has their own space without making the room looks clamp.

bathroom3) WOW…Bathroom

If you cannot find your wife, she is most probably holding up in this bathroom.  It must be wonderful to soak yourself up in this uniquely created bathroom.

bathroom sink

4) A water flowing basin.

Great idea to turn monotonous wash basin into a water flowing one.  Maybe a great feng shi tool too.

All the above ideas and images are sourced from internet and credit will be given if available.  It came across to us and we think these are great ideas that is worth sharing with all.  We hope you find this ideas useful.

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